Water Leak Detection Experts

When you have a leak in your main water line, there is no time to waste. A! Plumbing Works is here to provide immediate leak detection and repair with the latest technology so you can limit the possibility of mold, structural damage, and further water line damage. 

Water Leak Detection Service 

A water leak in your home can cause you a lot of stress and money. A lot of times most homeowners don’t know they have a leak until they see the damage or receive a high water bill. The plumbing in our homes is complex and locating a leak in your home can be tricky and requires a professional to locate and repair. We know that leaks happen when you least expect them so we offer 24 hour emergency service so you can always turn to us for expert plumbing service and leak detection.

A1 Plumbing Works offers quick, reliable service and can quickly identify the water leak and fix the problem for you.

Quick Water Leak Repair

We not only detect the leak but get right to fixing the problem once we’ve identified the source. Our team of licensed plumbers are experienced and equipped to repair all types of water leaks.

Water Leak Repair

There are a few common signs we see when there is a leak in your home. Here are few indicators that you may have a leak. If you have any of the following call A1 Plumbing Works for service.

  1. Hearing Water Running- Whether you hear water running in your walls or when no water is being used, this usually indicates a water leak somewhere.
  2. High Water Bills- An unusually high water bill or a letter from the water authority indicates you probably have a leak
  3. Warm Spots on Floor- A warm spot on the floor usually is a sign that you have a hot water leak underneath your slab.
  4. Mold or Mildew Smells- If you have a moldy or mildew smell and can’t find the source its time to call us to help find the leak and get it repaired.
  5. Wet Spots- If you find wet spots in our outside your home  you likely have a pipe leak or break somewhere.
  6. Low Water Pressure- Water leaks are a common source of water pressure issues. If you are experiencing water pressure issues you may have a leak.

Fastest Water Leak Detection & Repair Service

At A1 Plumbing Works, we understand that water line problems are frustrating and require immediate assistance. With emergency plumbing service, we performs water leak detection and repair right away, to minimize the impact on your home. Contact us today we’ll get help out to your home right away. We also offer Hobbs gas leak detection services.